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Evga Ge Force GTX460 1 Gb Superclocked GDDR5 Pci-express 2. 0 Graphics Card - 2 Year Warranty 01G-P3-1372-TR

Ge Force GTX460 1 Gb Superclocked GDDR5
Evga Ge Force GTX460 1 Gb Superclocked GDDR5 Pciexpress 2 0 Graphics Card 2 Year Warranty 01GP31372TR Image 1Evga Ge Force GTX460 1 Gb Superclocked GDDR5 Pciexpress 2 0 Graphics Card 2 Year Warranty 01GP31372TR Image 2


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Selecting a video card for the pc? Have a look at the Ge Force GTX460 1 - a great Nvidia video card from Evga. I definitely loved that the item has the feature of 3800 mhz memory clock and 1526 mhz shader clock. Additional features include 1024 mb 256-bit 0. 5ns gddr5 memory, pci express 2. 0 and nvidia 2-way and 3-way sli ready. It's dimensions are 11.75" Height x 9.5" Length x 2.9" Width. It has a weight of 2.1 lbs. Look over a variety of brandnames if you don't have one particularly that you simply desire. This will allow you to obtain an incredible Nvidia video card which you will want! While using the internet just a few clicks away you're able to do as little or as much research on the items you want to purchase. To find the best offer on this Nvidia video card along with other Nvidia video cards, click on our partners via the add to cart button below.

Next generation Direct X 11 gaming has officially arrive with all the introduction with all of the EVGA Ge Force GTX 460. The EVGA Ge Force GTX 460 functions 336 CUDA Cores, a high speed GDDR memory interface with 1024MB onboard and full Direct X 11 support offering for unrivalled performance and breathtaking image quality. 0 support, Dual Link HDCP capability, and Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 support. 0, and Open CL support, PCI-Express 2. evga. 0 support, Open GL 4. 0 compatibility. 6 GB/second memory bandwidth, 256 bit memory interface, 1526 MHz Shader Clock, 336 CUDA cores, and PCI Express 2. Package contains the EVGA Driver/software disc with EVGA Precision Tuning utility, 1 Mini-HDMI to HDMI cable, 1 DVI to VGA adaptor, 2 6-pin PCI-E energy cables, and a 2 year limited warranty if registered within 30 days at www. 5ns GDDR5 memory getting a 3800 MHz memory clock and 121. com. 4 connector and 2 Dual-Link DVI connectors. With up to 4x the Direct X tessellation performance in the competition, the EVGA Ge Force GTX 460 packs incredible detail and blazing fast frames into your games - without blowing your spending budget. And with NVIDIA 3D Vision, Phys X and CUDA technologies, the EVGA Ge Force GTX 460 powers all the incredibly realistic effects your games can throw its way. Connections are 1 Mini-HDMI 1. Additional attributes include Microsoft Direct X 11 Support, NVIDIA Phys X and NVIDIA Pure Video HD Technologies, NVIDIA 2-way SLI readiness, NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround readiness, NVIDIA CUDA technologies with CUDA C/C++, Direct Compute 5. Specifications include the GTX 460 (763MHz core clock) chipset, 1024MB (1GB) of 2.


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